"All the students who have studied with Annamalai have always come back with excellent feedback and continue to be inspired to work on their path of self improvement under his guidance and encouragement."
- Yogavahini
"Annamalai's classes were very effective, encouraging and motivating. Our customers are very satisfied with his classes and we found the classes were so useful to all our clients."
- Dimensions Fitness
"Yoga classes have helped me in so many ways - losing weight, to be healthy, happy and fit. My skin color has changed. My mind is calm now and I am able to focus on my studies well."
- Sakshi, Sishya School
"I was satisfied with the yoga classes as a whole and I am very happy that I decided to take up the course. The teachers are always more than willing to help and are very friendly."
- Gautham Rajendar, The School.
"I never had such an experience through yoga I really congratulate you."
- Sivaram, Orchid Pharma
"Thanks for the three months yoga program. Because of you only I am healthy and fit. I am blessed to have a teacher like you."
- Nasser Hasan, Businessman
"The way you take the classes with energy was really good. I came up to the class with a lot of negative thoughts and after the class I was full of positive thoughts and good feelings. Thank you. "
- Akila, Dancer and Singer
"I cannot express in so many words gratitude for bringing about the positive changes that we see our daughter Sitara."
- Nirmala Raman, Yoga Teacher
"Your yoga class is TOO GOOD and EXCEEDED my EXPECTATIONS. Very much appreciated."
- Sudhir, Businessman
"Extraordinary! I never had such a yoga practice earlier."
- Kalavathy, Yoga Teacher
"The yoga practice was SUPERB and I feel great."
- Maria, IT Employee
"The way you handle the yoga classes is very good and it is focused and energetic."
- Priya, Yoga Teacher
"The yoga course and the teachers who taught us - are very good. I have never had such classes."
- P. Anushiya, Church Park School
"Your one day yoga session was indeed a nice experience for all participants and thank you."
- T.Ganesh, Murugappa Group
"Through your live display on an array of asana, breathing, chanting exercises and relaxation techniques, our participants have warmed up and de-stressed. We sincerely believe that it would go a long way in helping them to take it from here and reflect in their daily work/personal life. We also wish to render our special thanks to you, for having solved our participant's queries, diligently during the session."
- GK Sivasankar, Orchid Pharma